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Album Release

JSB-SugarSuite-Teaser2We prouodly anncounce the releaseshow of our Album "SUGAR SUITE" on the 4th October @ Brut. the show will be part of the Waves Vienna Festival. So you will have to get your Tickets here:

To shorten the time till the release you can watch our new single "Heart of Stone" that will be, along with "Bass" and "Voodoo", also on the Album.

you can allready preorder the Album in your favorite downloadstore.


or get your hardcopy here:

See you soon!

Best JSB.

Johann Davidus Bass // Drums
Johann Martinus Bass // Voc, Talkbox, Synth
Johann Domenicus Bass // Synth, Cembalo


 They come from a different century. A time when rococo and wig powder ruled their everyday life. Freed from old necessities Johann Sebastian Bass exercise themselves now in the art of ‘electrococo‘, the fusion of electro pop with a true live-band vibe and pomp of the baroque period. With the wigs carefully powdered, it is the velvet sound of the harpsichord or another time the exult melodies of phat synths or sublime choirs that illuminate contemporary dance-music in new splendor.

So give yourselves into the hands of three baroque gentlemen and let them take you on a journey into the magic of love, the devils temptation and the melancholia of longing.




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